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Large wafer loading force silicon carbide SiSiC / SiC cantilever paddle / beam is suitable for a robot automatic loading and handling system because it has stable performance, non-deformation in high temperature and large wafer loading force. Since the section of the cantilever paddle is stable with no deformation, it is possible to make larger size wafer using existing furnace tubes. Large wafer loading force silicon carbide SiSiC / SiC cantilever paddle / beam can be applied to LPVCD on basis of its similar thermal expansion coefficient with LPVCD coating, which greatly prolongs the maintenance and cleaning cycle,and significantly reduce pollutants.

Technical parameters of reaction bonded silicon carbide RBSIC : 

item unit data
Temperature of application 1380
density G/cm3 >=3.02
Open porosity % <0.1
Moh’s Scale of Hardness   13
Bending strength Mpa 250(20℃)
Mpa 280(1200℃)
Modulus of elasticity Gpa 330(20℃)
Gpa 300(1200℃)
Thermal conductivity W/m.k 45(1200℃)
Coefficient of thermal expansion K-1*10-6 4.5
Acid-proof alkaline   Excellent

a. It does not deform at high temperature and the wafer loading force is large;
b. Excellent thermal shock resistance and long service life;
c. The thermal expansion coefficient of the cantilever paddle is extremely small, which greatly prolongs the maintenance and cleaning cycle;
and drastically reduce pollutants

Other kiln furniture made by silicon carbide ceramic 
Besides Reaction sintered silicon carbide SiSiC cantilever paddle for wafer loading, we also produce other kiln furniture including RBSIC/SISIC silicon carbide beams,  nozzle tubes, spiral nozzle tube, swirl nozzle tube,  oxide bonded SIC silicon carbide batts/setter plate and RBSIC cooling pipes.

Wear resistant RBSIC/SISIC silicon carbide products
Because our RBSIC/SISIC silicon carbide product have the advantages of excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life, it can also be made into wear resistant linings which can be easily installed in  processing pipes or cyclones.

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