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Bulletproof inserts the PLA logistics key scientific research project “Bulletproof wood ceramic development and application research”, the purpose is to develop high performance silicon carbide wood ceramic bulletproof material, enhances our army individual soldier protection equipment level. The project was formally approved in June 2006. In December 2009, bulletproof wood ceramics jointly developed by the Research Institute of rear Logistics Headquarters of the People’s Liberation Army and our company completed technical appraisal. In 2012, it won the first prize of military science and Technology progress.

Technology and innovation
1. Invented a new technology to prepare silicon carbide ceramics with wood materials as raw materials;
2. Breakthrough in the preparation technology of large-size integral silicon carbide arc bulletproof plate to fill the domestic gap;
3. Silicon carbide wood ceramic bulletproof insert board is capable of resisting multiple strikes;
4. Optimize the structural design of bulletproof plugboard to reduce weight and improve bulletproof performance.

Silicon carbide bulletproof material has the advantages of light weight, high hardness and good ballistic performance, etc. It is an ideal material for making bulletproof vest, vehicle, ship, helicopter and other protective armor.

About Us
Founded in 2011, our company has rich and professional experience in the field of silicon carbide product manufacturing. We have several production lines of silicon carbide with an annual output of 70,000 tons. Our silicon carbide products meet international certification standards and have won unanimous praise in the international market.
Our products have been exported to dozens of countries all over the world, and we are engaged in long-term supply cooperation for world-renowned abrasive companies and silicon carbide users.
We have a professional r & D team, a dynamic sales team to meet the needs of customers, looking forward to working with you.

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