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Black silicon carbide is quartz (SIO2) and anthracite coal or petroleum coke (C) as the basic raw material under the condition of over 1800 degrees centigrade high temperature generated by the non-metallic minerals, it has high hardness, small expansion coefficient, crisp, good thermal conductivity, is widely used in abrasives and grinding of electronic products, refractory materials, special ceramics, ceramic foam, coating modified plastic additives, auto parts, military aviation, steelmaking deoxidizer, etc.

Silicon carbide in refractory materials: silicon carbide as an inorganic non-metallic material, with high temperature resistance, wear resistance and other characteristics.Silicon carbide can also be added as an antioxidant in non-fired aluminum-magnesium-carbon bricks such as ladle bricks.
Products are mainly silicon carbide content of 97%, 95%, 88%-90%, 80%-85%, 70%-75%, 65-60% and other products, the particle size is mainly 10mm-0, 5mm-0, 3mm-0, 1mm-0, 200#-0 and so on.We can also organize production according to customers’ special requirements.

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