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Reaction-sintered silicon carbide square beams are applicable for load-bearing structure frames of tunnel kilns, shuttle kilns, double-layer roller kilns and other industrial kilns. The product features in that the high-temperature bearing capacity is large, there is no bend or deformation in long-term use, and the service life is several times that of other materials, thus it is the ideal kiln furniture for sanitary porcelain and other electrical porcelain industries. The product is characterized with excellent high-temperature flexural strength, thermal shock resistance, oxidation resistance and free deformation in long-term use, thus can significantly reduce energy consumption without increasing the weight of the kiln car.
Major technical indicators of reaction-sintered silicon carbide products

a.High temperature strength allows heavy loading weight
b.Excellent thermal shock resistance
c.High thermal conductivity
d.Excellent oxidation resistance translates to long life under high working temperature

Silicon nitride and silicon carbide beams have excellent high-temperature flexural strength, creep resistance and oxidation resistance; mainly used in sanitary ceramics, high-voltage electrical porcelain, filters, quartz crucibles; shed plates and fish-shaped plates which are widely used in daily-use ceramic Industry; protection tube is used for temperature measurement in various industries; special-shaped products and burner sleeves are widely used in various kiln and mechanical engineering.

 Item  Data Data
Operating Temperature 1380
Density g/cm³ ≥3.02
Porosity % < 0.1
Bending Strength Mpa 25020℃)
Mpa 280 (1200℃)
Elastic Modulus Gpa 33020℃)
Gpa 300 (1200℃)
Thermal Conductivity W/m.k 45 (1200℃)
Thermal Expansion Coefficient K-1×10-6 4.5
Mohs Hardness 13
Alkalinity and Acidity Excellent
Lengthm Sectional Dimensions Concentrated Bearing Capacitykg Resultant Force of Uniform Distribution Force(kg
L B H δ
1 30 40 6 130 260
1 40 40 6 165 330
1 40 50 6 235 470
1 50 70 7 526 1052
1 60 90 9 1059 2118

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