Silicon carbide prices tend to rise

On June 24-25, 2021, a two-day Silicon Carbide Conference of the Four Western Provinces and Regions was held in Gansu. The meeting was presided over by Ma Aiqing, Secretary General of the Secretariat of the Four Western Provinces and Regions of Silicon Carbide. The main topics of the conference were: First, the shortage of raw materials caused the industry The second is the analysis of cost increase and the exchange of industry situation in various provinces and regions; the third is the discussion on the innovation and development of the industry in the future.
Silicon carbide enterprise representatives from the four provinces and regions exchanged speeches around the topics of this conference:
Everyone has analyzed the production cost, the main reason is:
First, the price of raw materials has risen and remained high, which has caused the production cost to rise;
The second is the increase in investment in the unorganized transformation of environmental protection into organized emission facilities;
Third, in the face of summer power shortage, 30% of the power will be cut, and the direct purchase of electricity must be completed in a fixed amount, otherwise it will face high fines; in addition to the impact of raw materials, the dual control of energy consumption has a greater impact on all enterprises, and enterprises will also Faced with production restrictions ranging from 10-40%, especially in Shizuishan and Zhongwei, resulting in rising costs.
At the meeting, everyone agreed that with regard to the shortage of anthracite, we must change our minds. Consider the long-term development of the silicon carbide industry. To solve the problem of raw materials, we must cooperate with the university to conduct carbon material tests and develop suitable raw material ratios. Look for suitable substitutes to ensure the quality and quantity of production in the case of anthracite shortage. At the same time, it is necessary to carry out technological innovation in production technology, craftsmanship, energy conservation, etc., increase investment in science and technology, and improve the application of automation and intelligence. Companies in the same industry must unite closely, stay together for warmth, avoid malicious competition with each other, have the same quality at the same price, and achieve win-win cooperation. Silicon carbide products should develop in the direction of trading and enter the futures market to solve the problem of tight liquidity for everyone.
Regarding the conflict in Gansu Province’s assessment of power curtailment of silicon carbide companies and the assessment of direct purchase power quotas, it is recommended that companies respond to this problem to local development and reform departments, industry and information departments, and power supply departments, explain the situation, and strive for policy support.
In conclusion, it is emphasized that silicon carbide companies must strengthen themselves and form an industrial chain, not only to achieve granular sand, micro-powder, etc., but also to extend the industrial chain to downstream products and increase the added value of products. Provincial-regional exchanges must continue to persist, unite and form cohesion, and the content of future discussions must be broader and deeper, and the resolutions must be executed.

Post time: Jun-30-2021