Silicon carbide enterprises to see the future of silicon carbide market trend

In the end of May, after the price of  silicon carbide has risen, the collection of 10 production enterprises, including 4 large enterprises, to carry out the survey of the market view in the later stage.


At present, there are 7 production enterprises that this price rise has boosted the market.That the price rise on the market impact is not big accounted for 2, 1 production enterprises did not make a statement.As for the optimism of the market in the later stage, 4 enterprises expressed optimism, 3 enterprises said that not optimistic, and 3 enterprises said that they could not estimate.


Not optimistic enterprises said that under the influence of the late northern heating season, the main producing areas of refractory materials are in 2+26 cities, so the environmental protection requirements to see the impact of the production enterprises will be some, so the procurement of silicon carbide will also have an impact.Since most of the silicon carbide sales are in the export, the export does show signs of recovery, but the epidemic has not been controlled, and the recovery can only be the rigid demand business, so the export business is still not optimistic.

Post time: May-31-2021