Applications of silicon carbide

It is well known that silicon carbide has a very wide range of applications in abrasive, chemical industry, metallurgy, advanced refractory materials, advanced ceramics and other fields have a very wide range of applications. With the continuous innovation of the processing equipment technology, it is the only way for the healthy development of the sic industry in the future to strengthen the development of its new applications and new application markets and broaden the management ideas.

The use of silicon carbide is very wide, such as metallurgy, machinery, chemical industry, building materials, light industry, electronics, heating body, abrasive can be used as purifier, deoxidizer and improver in metallurgical industry. It can be used as synthetic carbide tool in machining. The processed silicon carbon plate can be used as refractory material for ceramic firing shed plate. The fine powder produced after finishing processing can be used as coating for high-tech electronic components and far-infrared radiation materials. The high-purity fine powder can be used as coating for national defense industrial aerospace utensils. It is widely used in various domestic and international economic fields.

The jaw crusher series, sand making machine series, counterattack crusher series, grinding machine series, cone crusher series, mobile crusher series, vibrating screen series and so on owned by Anteli Carbon Material Co., LTD., have won the unanimous praise of the industry personnel at home and abroad. With high efficiency and energy saving in silicon carbide production and fineness up to the national standard, the crusher is a necessary equipment for stone shaping and processing. The grinding machine series of high pressure grinding machine produced by the company can realize the requirements of silicon carbide super-fine grinding production technology, and is an effective equipment to realize the wide application of silicon carbide in the industry.

Post time: Jan-06-2011